New Adventures

I’ve started a new blog!

If you knew me before finding this page you may have been aware of my other blog, LBAK. I’m hesitant to call it my “old blog” because I haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet. I was getting a little bit bored with WordPress and wanted to start something a little more hackerish. Then I found Octopress.


Octopress is self described as “A blogging framework for hackers.” I can tell that they’re not lying by the fact that I’m deploying it with Git and editing my posts in Vim. Here’s the standard workflow for creating a new post:

$ rake new_post["Post title"]
$ vim source/_posts/2011-01-01-post-title

Then I edit the post’s content in markdown and preview it in my browser by booting up a local server with a handy rake task:

$ rake preview

And voila. I get to see my post. The task even monitors my filesystem for changes and regenerates the site as needed. Lush.

I decided to deploy the site on Heroku for now, so when I’m done with a new post I just do the following:

$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "New post, woot!"
$ git push heroku

And that’s it. The post is deployed to like a boss. I feel so at home.

But Sam, what about LBAK?

I’m not sure yet. I want to keep it around because there are links to it and stuff but I don’t think I’ll maintain it very much. It might so happen that I decide to keep it as a more person/non-code related blog but I’m still giving it thought.

Don’t fear, the LBAK acronym still holds a special place in my heart and I have no interest in abandoning it. I just felt the need for change.

But Sam, what about your email address?

Yeeeeaaahhh… I’ll probably keep the email address, which means keeping the domain. Fortunately domain names cost almost nothing and the email server is run by a very generous friend of mine, so I don’t really pay anything for it. Eventually that situation might change, at which point I’ll need to explore other options, but for now the email address is here to stay.

So why the change?

I was noticing that my WordPress blog had a mixture of posts in it. It had no real focus, and focus is kind of key to having a regular audience. I want this blog to be for my coding adventures. I want to blog far more often about what I do.

I also felt the need for something more beautiful. Let’s be honest, Octopress is absolutely gorgeous. My old blog felt like it was missing that glorious web 2.0 sheen.

Act 2

So starts the second Act of my blogging career. LBAK was great fun but the rebrand to samwho will hopefully be filled with even more joy and excitement.

See you there!