I don’t remember when I first used “samwho” as an online moniker but I remember why I did:

  • Short.
  • Easy to type (worth noting that short things aren’t always easy to type).
  • Usually not taken.

What do you do when it isn’t available?

I declare whoever took my name as a mortal enemy and

I add “o”s to the end until I find an available username. I’ve had to do this on Twitter and Steam so far.

An exception to this rule is my YouTube page, which for reasons I don’t remember is “samrosewho”.

What did you use before “samwho”?

Like everyone, I have a long stream of embarrassing former usernames. The highlights are:

  • “supersam” – obviously an excellent username but more often than not already taken.
  • “moshersam” – regretfully this one is still in use in some places, and I hate it, but I keep it around to remind myself that I’m capable of making exceptionally poor decisions.
  • “arkos” – a play on “Archos”, a consumer electronics brand, chosen as the name of my main World of Warcraft character on the sole merit of sounding quite cool.